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I feel truly blessed in my whole career development. Along the way I've had the great fortune to be able to work with inspirational leaders and visionaries. Each and every one of them has left a positive mark on me.

Below you can see the growth toward the place where I am today: a self-employed business owner and freelancer.

Web Design and Graphic Design in Charleston South Carolina

June 2004 - current

Latest projects in 2012-2013

Co-founded Kidiso ~ The Web Browser for Kids ~

Online Seminar Streaming for

The TreeSpirit Film ~ Fundraising Gift Store (on page #1 on Google for almost EVERY State! TRY IT)

Pre 2011 [also check out a page flip application]

Business Owner

betawave bvba
Veerle, Belgium
June 2003 - May 2004

Betawave is the culmination of all acquired skills throughout my career. Services provided by betawave are:

- IT & network support
- graphic design & map/layout development
- consulting
- web design & development

IT & Web Media Manager

Sylvester Productions
television . events . audiovisual productions
Wespelaar, Belgium

June 2000 - 2003

main responsibilities

  1. Maintenance of LAN of 35 computers 
  2. Design, develop and maintain company website
  3. Research convergence of tv media and internet interactivity.
  4. Design project websites
  5. Conceptualize & implement interactive media proposals
  6. Technical consultant to event cel
  7. IT consultant & ICT-business analyst
  8. Webmedia consultant for political campaigns and business events

key projects

  1. Complete LAN operability and stable functionality
  2. TV Project website's
  3. Major event : KetnetFreezzz '02-'03- marketing partner website, event information website, layout of event and location plan
  4. Event cel : professional presentation designs
  5. Event cel : technical assistance and IT consultancy
  6. Interactive kiosk "EVA" - concept, design, implementation of interactive kiosk for Flemish Government
  7. Interactive event application "ProxiQuiz : Mission Impossible" multi-user live interactive quiz-event for Proximus' top management training
  8. Interactive cdrom "DSM Safety CDrom" - interactive application that uses video, photographs, narration and interactive questions to determine score and validity to safely enter premises.
  9. Outsourcing : alcohol awareness campaign for youth (nominated site of the year 2001)
  10. Outsourcing : nationwide meningitis information website for flemish government
  11. Outsourcing : campaign kiesevenwicht website and interface kiosk for flemish government
  12. Outsourcing : campaign maggezienworden for flemish government
  13. Outsourcing : european member of parlement: Miet Smet website (first generation)

Information Center Director
Production Manager/Chief Graphic Artist

Illinois Medical District Commission &
Chicago Technology Park Corporation
March 1995 - May 2000

main responsibilities

  1. Build the Information Center Department into a cost-center 
  2. Manage Information Center Staff
  3. Analyze functionality of new and/or proven IT-technologies and develop appropriate strategies
  4. Develop production systems to enhance inter-departmental communication
  5. Conceptualize, develop and build websites and information portals for internal as well as external clients
  6. Ensure effective operability of IMDC headquarters and Research Center building network
  7. Provide all marketing support functions for internal and outside client use.
  8. Manage and coordinate all main production processes of the IMD Master Plan.
  9. Design district-wide production and design standards
  10. Specify local LAN protocols

key projects

  1. CATS - COPS Auto Theft Study
  2. Chair district-wide Y2K security committee - Y2K webpage
  3. Biennial report
  4. - the continuation of the marketing of the District as a world-class center of excellence.  it is also an information portal for all community and district members, providing up-to-date facts, dates and pertinent project information.
  5. - the Chicago Technology Park's information portal and tenant directory. 
  6. BIO2000 - state-wide conference booth construction and design
  7. Installation of T1 for Research Center and wireless-bridge of IMDC HQ
  8. The Illinois Medical District Urban Master Plan - a five-year long urban planning project, resulting in a 250-page large format full-color book that outlines the future visions and opportunities for the world's largest urban medical district; the Illinois Medical District.
    All production was done in-house, utilizing key staff members throughout the development and various temporary forces to reach some crucial milestones. 
  9. Installation of Microsoft NT server and complete CAT5-cabling of all department workstations.  Provided continued education and training for all staff.

Graphic Designer

Okrent Associates, Inc. 
March 1993 - March 1995

main responsibilities

  1. Urban design mapping
  2. Corporate identity design
  3. Court-room graphics design
  4. Technical assistance

key projects

  1. custom maps of Chicago parks for national public television series 
  2. corporate logo-designs and identity graphics

Architectural Cad Specialist

Chipman Adams, Inc.
January 1993 - March 1993

main responsibilities

  1. assist architect with AutoCAD drawings
  2. develop maximized layouts of commercial retail shops and parking lots 

key projects

  1. Blockbuster video stores - maximizing use and isle layout


Professional Education

Linux fundamentals & administration - April 2003
Hasselt, Belgium

Networking Fundamentals - May 1999
Chicago, Illinois

Upgrading & Repairing PC's - August 1995
Chicago, Illinois

Bachelor of Architecture Honors Degree July 14, 1993
6 Year Degree Course - Magna Cum Laude, Upper Division
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, University of Dundee, Scotland (09/91-07/93)

Bachelor of Science in Architecture Degree June 28, 1990
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, University of Dundee, Scotland (09/89-06/90)

Architectural Technician Degree June 27, 1989
P.H.A.I. - Provinciaal Hoger Architectuur Instituut in Diepenbeek, Belgium (09/87-06/89)

• Awarded sponsorship for an intensive course: "Insight into Management"